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About Avron Goldstein Optometrist

About Avron Goldstein Optometrist

I have been in Practice for over 40 years in the Wynberg area. I have also practiced part-time at Victoria Hospital Eye Clinic for about 25 years.
I perform Eye Examinations for Spectacles and Contact Lenses as well as Glaucoma Testing.
We offer a personalized Service to all our Clients.
We Advise on all Options available and can supply Extra Thin Spectacle Lenses for people with very High Spectacle Prescriptions.
Everyone is given a Free Pair of Trial Contact Lenses when having a Contact Lens Consultation. I personally teach clients how to insert, remove and care for Contact Lenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

- Do you do Eye Examinations?
Yes, we do Comprehensive Eye Examinations for Spectacles and Contact Lenses.
- Do you do Multifocals and Bifocals?
Yes, you can choose Bifocals or Multifocals.
- Do you accept Medical Aids?
We accept All Medical Aids.
- Must I make a co-payment if I belong to a Medical Aid?
No. We are able to supply Eye test and Spectacles within your Medical Aid Limit.
- Must I make an Appointment?
Yes, it is preferable to make an Appointment. Use the form above to email us or just call us on 021-797 8984
- Can my Lenses be Tinted and Coated?
We do all Antireflex Coatings and Tinted Lenses that Darken in the Sun.
- Do you Fit Contact Lenses?
Yes, we fit all types of Contact Lenses.
- Do you check for Glaucoma?
Yes, everybody over the age of 40 receives a Glaucoma check.
About Avron Goldstein Optometrist

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